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jkleinman13 Gang vocals is a great description for this band. They're like early Brand New, only better. Favorite track: 30 Stones.
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released December 16, 2014

Recorded between 2012 and 2014 with Nick Orr at Guerilla Recording, Highland Lakes, NJ
And Mark Mancini at Locked In A Closet Studios, Lodi, NJ
Mastered by Bill Henderson from Azimuth (ex Guitarist from Thursday)

Alfredo Diaz - Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Struck - Vocals, Bass
Mike Greene - Guitar
Joshua Smith - Drums


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When Thieves Are About New Jersey


NOFX, Boys Night Out, Lifetime, A Wilhelm Scream, Comeback Kid, Saves the Day, Set Your Goals, Daggermouth, Title Fight, Leftover Crack, Blink-182, Greenday, Lagwagon, New Found Glory, Minor Threat, Glass Jaw, Thursday, Thrice, Such Gold, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Weezer, The Beatles, The Beach Boys ... more

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Track Name: Wasting All Our Time
The simple things that complicate our lives
Looking for the answers we won’t find
They’re just wasting all our time
Well I’m going to trade my eyes in for two holes in my face
So I don’t have to wake tomorrow and see this place
Cuz every year I’m getting older, I am losing hope
That everything will turn out better than it was the year before
(Cuz I'm dawning on the stupid things I’ve done)
I’m choking on tomorrow cuz I’ve swallowed my regrets
And they say that it gets better but it hasn’t happened yet

Well I’m worried about tomorrow
Can’t see what this day brings
Just carrying your footsteps to a place you’ve never been
I’ve tried so hard (I’ve tried so hard)
To figure out my future but I don’t know where to start

*Define me, and I’ll be me
Define me, and I’ll be me
(The simple things that complicate our lives
Looking for the answers we won’t find
They’re just wasting all our time)

Hey, wake up, snap out of it
Shout the voices in my head
Polaroids of life flash quick
Hanging onto dreams once said

The words I’m thinking can’t explain reasons for just how scared I am
Just simply knowing that all this going on will soon just end
(Standing there like a ghost in the field by the gates
With my hopes in my hands, I await
And the stones carry names through the grass and the dirt where they lay
Only flowers remain) x2

They’re just wasting all our time
(My days fly, do yours? cuz I know my days fly, do yours? cuz I know my days fly, do yours? cuz I know my days fly do yours? All I know that my days fly, do yours? cuz I know my days fly, do yours?)

I was a merry man, And now I won’t pretend
Cuz when it’s gone, I know it’s gone
And I don’t want to make amends
I’m going to try to make this right or
Track Name: Do You Belong to the Physics Club?
I woke up to the sound of slamming doors
And cans on strings in the streets replaced all the telephone poles
Contrived perceptions of the gaps and missed connections
Holding mirrors face to face
I gazed out towards the lighthouse from the shore
And pondered the seclusion humans seem to live for
We keep are distance cuz it’s all we have to live with
And some things aren’t going to change
I am never coming home
Do what you want, cuz when the morning comes, I’ll be gone
I am never coming home
Track Name: 30 Stones
Things are looking grim right now
The things we lived through showed me how
To let my past regrets all float downstream
The guy needs money for new parts
Cuz we got anxious with those rocks
Man, we really took one for the team

*I’m only laughing cuz I feel much better now
The pain is so far away
(Why did the sun rise?)
Retrace the footsteps, how this night went by so fast
I never thought that it would end
(Why did the sun rise?)

We’ve said our last goodbyes
We’ll met again sometime
We’ll go and eat our disco fries
Play our guitars all through the night

Late night walks to restaurants
The things we drank inbetween shots
And jumping on your neighbor’s trampoline
We’ll drive to see our favorite bands
Backseat full of empty cans
Don’t wake me up if this is all a dream

30 stones by dawn
We puked on your front….lawn
I hope this night just never ends
The summer’s gone, here comes the fall
But the sun rose up my friend
And now we’ve got to drink them all

Track Name: Hangin' With Michael Keaton
So we’ve got to talk
Been up all night parading thoughts
Those memories defined us, so we left the past behind us
A friendship made, a battle lost, the endless times we fought
It’s funny how we’re both survivors and that’s what makes us dead
Inside now, and I’m apathetic
Did I say I wanted things to be this way?
We’ve got chemicals and companions
The strive for fame controlled the scenes that we once played
The audience reacts with no applause

Took your bullshit, I didn’t want to, but I did it anyway
Fed your ego ‘til my bones were practically bare
In your lion’s den, it didn’t manage but I did it anyway
I dodged the dreams that fall and left them all with nothing to spare
(So I’m calling collect from a landmine
Flying in on your wings as the atom bomb sings) (x3)
Track Name: Welcome to November
The sky unfolds like a gray mosaic
The leaves are piled in their sidewalk graves
I hear them whisper as they slowly sway,
They say, “welcome to November”
Let’s raise a glass to the tired and sick
The strongest drink you can ever mix
And if you dare to drink all of it,
We’ll say, “welcome to November”

With inch by inch, and these words sung,
We’re taking down the people that are hurting everyone (x2)
Track Name: Celtic New Year
I see the clock, I watch the hours slowly ticking away
(I wish I could get these minutes back)
The days are longer and I wonder when my life’s going to change
(This waiting is going to make me crack)
The words I wish I would’ve said
Alive in me, but left for dead
I’m just a puppet so I’ll tell you what you want me to say
(Cuz it’s not for me; that’s what it seems)

*And every time I fall asleep,
I hear your voice like gunshots from under my sheets
And you’re saying the words that are making it worse
You compromised my dignity cuz your life sucks
But I’m falling in the debris of the pain and the hurt you create for the world

I’m getting tired and impatient and I don’t want to wait
(About to explode, so hit the deck)
I’m overwhelmed by all the shit that’s piling up on my plate
(The car keys that led to the car wreck)
Assuming roles, attending these memorials of my dead dreams
Dressed up in bullet holes while bodybags are sealing their fate
(Cuz it’s not for me; that’s what it seems)

And every minute going by we die a little from inside
And nothing ever gonna hold me back
The padded walls have kept you in
Your never ever gonna see daylight again
But when! Were you ever my friend! My friend!

Stored up in my heart for oh, so long
Without knowing anything was wrong

My feelings lost pigment, and now they’re only getting cold
Just zip them in this body bag, and take them to a place unknown
(Without knowing anything was wrong)

And every time I fall asleep, I hear your voice like gunshots from under my sheets
And you’re saying the words that are making it worse

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